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Peak Performance, Compelling Communication, Inspiring Leadership and Outstanding Sales
all begin with your behavior and knowing how to master it.

Jeff Compton

Jeff is a human behavior expert, author and CEO of Third Dimension Group, Inc. Jeff’s books on success in personal achievement, direct sales, communication and leadership are all rooted in understanding the factors that shape individual and group behaviors. Using key dimensions of psychological science, Jeff helps people understand and harness the intrinsic power of human nature.

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Jeff's Videos

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Jeff Compton is more than an author and behavior expert, he is a dynamic professional speaker with over 10 years of experience. Jeff’s material is cutting-edge and scientifically sound, and through entertaining stories and comic timing, Jeff makes his top-notch material come to life.

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Blow Their Mind!

Event Planners do you want your attendees talking about your event TWO YEARS FROM NOW? Then book Jeff Compton. He is a dynamic keynote speaker who will blow their minds! Jeff will be the best speaker at your event, period! Don’t Believe Us? Then watch this video and believe them.

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Jeff's Programs



Harness the intrinsic power of your human nature and succeed!

Breakthrough to a new you! Learn the science of breaking bad habits and going beyond just motivation
to achieve your goals.

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Warp Framework


Overcoming the roadblocks of connecting with others

Learn the four ways that people perceive and convey information in which are the “Four Languages of Behavior”.

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Direct Sales

Motivating others to buy you first and then your product

Learn how to speak the language of clients and customers that build necessary relationships and increases sales.

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Change people's view of you from a boss to that of a leader

Go from being perceived as just your employees’ boss, to becoming a leader that increases employee engagement.

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What's Your Deformity

Jeff was born with an ear deformity that has shaped his life. What started out, as a weakness in his life has now become a great strength to others who face difficulties in their lives. Jeff know obstacles, he has faced them, and he’s conquered them.

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Who is BOB?

Who is BOB? BOB is an acronym for “Brains Ongoing Behavior” a term coined be Jeff in his book, “When BOB Barks: the Psychology of Breaking Habits & Getting What You Want!” The purpose of BOB can be explained in this short video. However, to get the full potential of BOB, bring Jeff into speak.

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Jeff's Books


When BOB Barks

The Psychology of Breaking Habits & Getting What You Want

How many times do you promise yourself that you will make a change to better your situations yet you don’t follow through?

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Warp Framework

The Driving Force

The Psychology of Communication & Selling More of What You're Selling

Become an accomplished communicator by learning how to read your client's behavioral type in seconds. Then speak to them in their behavioral language and reap the rewards!.

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Games Managers Play

The Psychology of Supervising People & Getting More with Less

Employees play games. You must be mindful of the mental games that are going on around you, the edge goes to the one who understands these games, and knows how to play and win!

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